Le Monde, Hviezdoslavovo nam
+421 2 5441 5411
The Top-rated Bratislava restaurant. It is in a prime location and has repeatedly been declared Top Restaurant in Slovakia by Trend Top Restaurants.

Primi, Michalska
+421 2 5464 7344
Innovative cuisine also popular for mixed drinks, right above Michael's gate.

Messina, Tobrucka at Hotel Marrols
+421 2 5778 4600
Award winning restaurant serving International cuisine and fine wines. Located within the Hotel Marrols.

Paparazzi, Laurinska
+421 2 5464 7971
Chic Italian restaurant with excellent, though costly cuisine.

Modus Restaurant, Budysinska
+421 2 4446 4682
Traditional Slovak Restaurant, with over 100 entries on the menu - not counting the beverages. Famous for the best Tartar Steak in Bratislava.

UFO Taste, Top of the New Bridge
+421 2 6252 0300
Modern fusion cuisine with a broad selection of fish dishes with unmatched views from the UFO-shaped structure at the top of the New Bridge. Reservations required.


Au Café, Tyrsovo nabrezie (from Viedenska cesta)
+421 2 6252 0355
A newly reconstructed restaurant on the South bank of the Danube offering great views of the castle and a wonderful patio.

Camouflage, Venturska
+421 2 2092 2711
Acclaimed new restaurant serving modern International cuisine in a striking though minimalist white interior. Camouflage Cafe & Bar serves a light fare.

Downtown, Klariska
+421 2 5443 4317
A popular lounge-style restaurant with Italian-inspired cuisine located in the Old Town. In the evening, the lounge attracts the trendy cocktail-bar crowd.

+421 2 6231 7590
Restaurant serving traditional old Bratislava cuisine on the south side of the Danube across from the Old Town.

Modra hviezda, Beblaveho
+421 2 5443 2747
Restaurant with old Bratislava cuisine close to the castle.

Traja Musketieri, Sladkovicova
+421 2 5443 0019
Stylish restaurant styled as "the taste of 1625". Upon entering the restaurant a waiter in medieval dress greets you and proceeds to tie a giant bib around your neck. As your enjoying the medieval-inspired dishes that are served you will find that the bib comes in quite handy.

U mamicky, Palisady 40
+421 2 5443 4618
This restaurant serves the freshest seafood to be found as deliveries arrive twice a week from the Dalmatian coast. Specialties of the house are prepared on a charcoal grill and are served with outstanding Croatian wines.


Gazdovsky dvor, Zelena at Hotel Perugia
+421 2 5443 1818
Serving Slovak and Hungarian traditional cuisine this restaurant is designed with stylish decor.

Koliba Expo, Kamzik
+421 2 5477 1764
Originally built for the 1967 Montreal World Fair this restaurant serves traditional Slovak fare amongst traditional Slovak wooden decor.


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"Bufety" , Lahodky
At any good bufet or lahodky (Delicatessen) try the local delicacy "Treska". Treska is a cod salad with mayo and don't forget to ask for a fresh roll or two for dipping.
Richman is another local fast-food specialty.
Late at night, visit the fast food at the foot of the SNP Square (near Tesco) or Richmeneria across from Tesco.

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