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Welcome to the Ultimate Travel Guide to Bratislava, the Capital of Slovakia

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NEW: We are proud to introduce our new Bratislava event calendar, the largest overview of exhibitions, concerts, opera and other tourist-friendly cultural events in Bratislava.

Welcome to www. Bratislava Guide .com, an independent travel guide to Bratislava. Our goal is to help you to get to know this exciting Central European capital in all its beauty, stature, and variety. We bring you up-to-date information on Bratislava's main tourist attractions, guided tours and many places off the beaten path.

Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia is a city of some 450,000 inhabitants located on the river Danube, some 60 km East of Vienna, Austria. If you have never visited Bratislava you can have a look at our Bratislava photos. We are also proud to offer our own online map of Bratislava. The printable map allows you to find your way to the Old Town from hotels and other localities around Bratislava (and custom info layers on the right side of the map page can help you search for any specific interests).

On the main page, in the left side orange column, you will find the latest city news, an overview of current and upcoming events, current weather, information on useful services such as airport transfers, guided tours and car rentals, and listings of Bratislava accommodation from Bratislava Hotels. Bratislava Hotels is our partner site that gives a comprehensive listing of hotels, pensions, and hostels in Bratislava.

On the right in the green column you will find information on bars, clubs, pubs, restaurants, shops, as well as practical tips on staying in Bratislava. Unless clearly marked as advertising, all tips are unpaid and based on recommendations of our staff and visitors. We strive for our Bratislava Guide to be the most objective, useful and informative guide to our city and always welcome your comments at

Enjoy Bratislava via Bratislava Guide

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