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Here you will find information about the most popular tourist sites and attractions in Bratislava, from the upside down table-like castle, through the site of Central Europe's first university, to the gravesite of the famous rabbi Hatam Sofer.
You can find map of Bratislava at Bratislava Guide - map viewer includes icons and descriptions as well as street names and locations of various sights.
You can start your tour at the office of the Bratislava Information Service (BIS), which will equip you with maps, leaflets and advice. You can also purchase the Bratislava City Card offering free travel on public transport and discounts for muesuems, galleries and entertainment venues. The office is located in the Primacialne Square in the Old Town (a smaller office is also at the Main Train Station, Milan Rastislav Stefanik Airport and the Passenger Ship Port).
Alternatively, visit the private Bratislava Tourist Office Information Agency at Venturska 9, two minutes from the Main Square in the Zichy Palace. The office provides a variety of services, maps, information, souvenirs and cultural events.
Here are the places we would suggest:

Bratislava Castle Guide
The Bratislava Castle was once the seat of Austro-Hungarian kings and queens and now houses several museums.

Bratislava Old Town Guide
Bratislava's Old Town is compact but very pleasant. Enjoy the street cafes in the summer and the Christmas Market in the Main Square winter. You can see the main attractions in the Old Town in some 2-4 hours. Please see an overview of options for Bratislava sightseeing.

Academia Istropolitana - One of the first universities in Central Europe
Venturska street
The University was built in 1465 by the Hungarian King Matthew Corvin with a permission from Pope Paul. It was the first university in Hungary and its name stood for University in the City on the Danube.

House at the Good Shepherd's - Museum of Clocks
Zidovska street
This small museum showcases a variety of watches and clocks.

Gravesite of Chatam Sofer - a highly-esteemed Jewish rabbi
Embankment of Army General Svoboda
Inquire at for Chatam Sofer tour arrangements.

The Devin Castle
Monumental border castle remnants overlooking the Danube and Morava rivers. Devin, served by bus 29 from the SNP bridge. The settlement on the castle hill dates back to the 5th century. At different periods in history it belonged to Celts. Roman. the Great Moravian Empire. Open until October 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays and to 6 p.m. on weekends. Bus #29 from under the SNP Bridge.

Primatial Palace
Primacialne square
Former residence of the Archbishop, now serves for official functions, concerts. Mirror Hall was the place of signing of the Bratislava peace between Napoleon and Franz I. in 1805. Houses the famous Bratislava English Tapestries discovered in 1903 rolled up inside the walls, hidden in Napoleonic times.

Slovak National Theatre
Hviezdoslavovo square
The opera building was built during 1884 - 1886 based on designs by Viennese architects F. Fellner and H. Helmer. For current opera performances, please visit the Bratislava Event Calendar.

St Martin's Cathedral
A former coronation cathedral of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. During 1563 - 1830, 11 Hungarian Kings and eight royal wives were crowned here.

Michael's Gate
Michalska street
The last remaining of the four city gates, now houses the Museum of Arms and City Fortifications, a part of the City Museum. Great views of Bratislava from the tower-top. For opening hours, see Bratislava Museums, Galleries.

Go on to the Bratislava Off the Beaten Path Guide and Suggested Bratislava Day Trips.

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