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FESTIVAL: The 'Good Market' to Kick Cars Out of Panenska Street on March 24


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For one day, the picturesque Panenska Street in Bratislava's Old Town turns into a street market. On March 24, 2012 from 10 am to 4 pm a portion of Panenska will for second time be closed off to car traffic and occupied by market stalls put up by businesses in this bustling neighbourhood.
Dozens of stalls are planned, according to the official announcement (in Slovak), along with performances by musicians and open houses at many local businesses.
The Dobry Trh market will offer fruits and vegetables, fair trade coffee, cheeses, oriental food and sushi. There will be books, antiques, jewellery, toys, wine and funky t-shirts from Kompot. In the evening, the market continues with an afterparty at Next Apache and Downtown Backpackers Hostel.
See the Event Calendar for a detailed schedule. [map|Next Apache]

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