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Zelezna Studienka

Zelezna Studienka

┼Żelezn├í Studienka is one part of the Bratislava forest park of Male Karpaty. It is a very popular destination for sports and relaxation, surrounded by woods of Male Karpaty.

In 2005 the cable railway to Koliba has been reopened for public. It is available for both pedestrians and cyclists. The only official public downhill bike track Rohatka is situated next to the track.

Near the red bridge (─îerveny most) lies the train stop ┼Żelezn├í studienka. It is a part of the railway that has been used for the maiden voyage of the first steam engine train connecting Vienna and Bratislava in August 20, 1848, officially connecting Bratislava with the European railway system.

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GPS coordinates: 48.19173, 17.084

Zelezna Studienka

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