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Slovak business weekly Trend announces 2008 Top Restaurants and Hotels rankings

Bratislava, December 17, 2007 ( - Bratislava restaurant Flowers took the top rank in the 2008 "Trend Top Restaurants and Hotels", Slovakia's largest hospitality ranking exercise released on Monday.

Bratislava's highest ranked hotel was Crowne Plaza sharing 2nd/3rd place with Hotel Thermia Palace in the Spa Town of Piestany.

Top 10 Bratislava restaurants in the 2008 rankings:
1. Flowers
3. UFO Watch.Taste.Groove
4. Camouflage
5. Le Monde
6.-7. Aliz├ę
6.-7. Messina at Hotel Marrol's
8.-12. Fusion at the Hotel Crowne Plaza
13.-16. French Restaurant at the Hotel Devin
17.-20. St. Hubert at the Hotel Apollo
17.-20. Mama e Papa

Top 9 Bratislava hotels in the 2008 rankings:
2.-3. Hotel Crowne Plaza
5.-7. Arcadia
5.-7. Marrol's
5.-7. Radisson SAS Carlton
17. Hotel Apollo
22. Hotel Devin
23.-26. Hotel Danube
33. Hotel Hradna Brana
39.-42. Hotel Holiday Inn

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