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Strkovec Lake

Busy day at Strkovec Lake

A lake and sports facility outside of the center, where local festivals are regularly organized.

Strkovec is an artificial lake, in the Ruzinov disctrict of Bratislava, named "Strkovec" after the Slovak word for "gravel," which was mined from this space before it filled with water and became a lake. Strkovec is between 2.5 and 8 meters deep (8 - 26 feet), with the lowest depth being in the middle, as the back hoe was standing there during gravel extraction.

Today the lake and surrounding areas serve as a leisure space and sports facility for the neighborhood. There is also a small amphitheatre, tennis courts, beach volley court and in the winter an ice-skating rink is set up. There are also trampolines for children to jump on and Segways for rent. It also hosts Ruzinovske Hody (a neighborhood festival) and Ruzinov Christmas Market.

To get there take trams 8 (from the Main Train Station - Hlavna Stanica), 9 (from Ochodna, near the Historical Center), or 14 (from outside of Tesco in the center).

Also known as Strkovecke Jazero in Slovak.

Address: -, Bratislava

Phone: +421/915 725 703

Email: -


GPS coordinates: 48.15791, 17.14646

Children facilities at Strkovec lakeBeach volley court at Strkovec LakeStrakovec Lake

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