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FOOTBALL: Bratislava's Slovan Advances Over AS ROMA to Group Stage of UEFA Europe League

SK Slovan LogoSlovak champion, Bratislava's SK Slovan unexpectedly beat AS ROMA in August 2011 to advance to Group Stage of UEFA Europa League.

Slovan is led by Slovakia National Team's coach Vlaidmir Weiss in a dual role.

Slovan, in Group F, will face Athletic Bilbao, FC Paris Saint-Germain and FC Salzburg in matches at home and away. Three matches are scheduled in Bratislava's Tehelne Pole Stadium in the group stage in autumn 2011:
Slovan - Athletic Bilbao on September 15
Slovan - Paris Saint-Germain FC on October 20
Slovan - FC Salzburg on December 14

Slovan Bratislava will play away games in Salzburg (September 29), Paris (November 3) and Bilbao (December 1).

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