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Na ulici - In the street

This article is a part of series, where you can learn Slovak language words and phrases.

Prepacte, hovorite po anglicky? - Excuse me, do you speak English?

Prosim? - I beg your pardon.

Je tu niekde telefonna budka? - Is there a phone booth nearby?

Rozumiete? - Do you understand?

Kde je ...? - Where is....?

Kde je toaleta? - Where is the toilet?

Nerozumiem po slovensky. - I do not understand Slovak.

Mohli by ste mi/nam pomoct? - Could you help me/us?

Kolko je hodin? - What is the time?

Nerozumiem. - I do not understand

Co znamena...? - What does ... mean?

Ake cislo ma policia/sanitka/poziarnici? What is the phone number for the police/ambulance/fire station? (correct answer is 158/155/150 or 112 for integrated emergy services)

Kolko stoji listok na MHD? - How much is a ticket for public transport?

Kolko to stoji? - How much is it?

Ako daleko je to od ....? - How far is it from....?

Kde mame vystupit? - Can you tell us where to get off?

Kde je turisticke informacne centrum? - Where is a tourist information office?

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wrote on 08.07.2014 at 08:33:23:

wrote on 07.07.2014 at 22:03:11:

mac wrote on 21.06.2014 at 12:17:29:
how does one pronounce juzek,
as in jan juzek, violin maker and bass impoter from prague. thank you

bill wrote on 12.07.2011 at 15:36:27:
Cool phrases. Thank you. Could you provide basic slovak grammar and both basic grammar and colloqual structures. Regards. Keep it up. :)

anonymous wrote on 07.03.2011 at 00:21:02:
Krissy -Slovak and Slovenian are two different languages. Slovakia and Slovenia are completely different countries. If you want to learn Slovenian then this website is not for you.

Krissy wrote on 24.04.2010 at 11:22:10:
I am really hoping to learn Slovenian. My Grandmother is 100% slovenian and it sounds like a beautiful language. This is the 1st site I've found with some sound bytes to hear the language. Thank you so much!!

jorge wrote on 23.02.2010 at 04:54:03:
thank for some sentences in slovak language, I am Venezuelan but I would like to learn slovak language, I know that is very diffucult but is not impossible.

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