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Slovak Parliament

Assembly of the Slovak Parliament in Bratislava

The seat of the highest legislative body of the Slovak Republic. On a hill overlooking the city, near the Bratislava castle.

Other than that, it has an annual open house (which is fun to participate in) and it is the site of regular theft from the Slovak people...
It has good view to the other side of the river and to Austria and is also the location of occasional protests.

Private tours of the Parliament can also be organized on request.

Get there by taking trolleybus 203 or 207 from the Presidential Palace to the castle (bus stop "Hrad," the Slovak word for castle) or "Zamocka" stop in under 5 minutes. A walk from the center takes about 10 minutes. The best way to walk it is up the old stairs that start just next to the New Bridge (Novy Most).

Nearby are Bratislava Castle (just adjacent) or Slavin, if you take the trolleybus further uphill.

There is no entry fee to get into the Parliament.

Opening hours: from 8:00 AM till 4:00 PM, available to public. Organized tours daily at 2:00 PM, although individual time and date can be organized if arrangements are made beforehand. If you go on a tour, be sure to get photographed standing in the podium, from which the Parliament is addressed.

The building itself is pretty new. It was reconstructed into the present form in the 90`s. The surrounding hills are full of villas and houses of rich people. Although it may appear pretty big, you actually see just the half of it. The other half is underground. It is monitored and guarded around the clock.

The Parliament has a good English website:

Address: N├ímestie Alexandra Dub─Źeka, 1 812 80, Bratislava

Phone: +421 2 59722464, +421 2 59721111



GPS coordinates: 48.14196, 17.09754

Logo of Slovak ParliamentInside the Slovak ParliamentThe Building of Slovak Parliament

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