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Concert of Slovak Philharmonics

The seat of the Slovak Philharmonic -currently closed until fall 2011 for reconstruction. The building also houses a book and music store, a restaurant, and a casino. It is located in between Hviezdoslavovo Square and Ludovit Stur Square, in the center of town, just a one minute walk from the Danube River.

Concerts and performances of the Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra and music festivals take place there.

Nearby are the American Embassy, Slovak National Theater, and Carlton Hotel.

The entry fee varies by performance , but the Reduta is popular with Austrian music lovers because of the high quality of performance despite the fact that ticket prices are significantly less expensive than across the border in Vienna.

The Reduta was built in 1919 on a site formerly occupied by a granary. The construction started in early 1913, but took long because of the First World War. It used to host local festivals, feasts, and other prominent local events. For some time it even housed a cinema.


GPS coordinates: 48.14106, 17.11019

Logo of Reduta congress centreInside the Reduta restaurantReduta Building

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