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Namestie Slobody

Sqaure of Freedom

Namestie Slobody, colloquially known as "Gotko," as a shortened form of its former name "Gottwaldovo Namestie," after the former prime minister and president of communist Czechoslovakia.

Gotko is not what it used to be, but remains a nice park for chilling out during the day and during the night especially when it is warm. Some summer nights it turns into a massive outdoor drinking festival, attended exclusively by young people and the occasional police officer.

The park has a stage, which hosts occasional concerts or speakers of protesting groups, as it is situated right in front of a prominent government building (Urad Vlady). It is a three minute walk from the Presidential Palace.

GPS coordinates: 48.15219, 17.11174

Fountain at the Square of FreedomLegalization marijuana marchAir view of Square of Freedom

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