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Majestic Music Club (MMC)

YMCA Building

Majestic, located in the YMCA hosts rock concerts, given by popular international and local bands. Nearby are Randall (rock club) and Hopkirk (chill out bar), which are also mentioned in these pages.

Tickets can be bought through Ticket Portal directly on their website, making the process simpler.

MMC has what they call "environmentally friendly glasses," made of thick hard to break plastic, for which they charge a returnable € 0.50 deposit on shot glasses and € 1 on beer glasses.

The club is on Sancova, which is one stop away from the Main Train Station (Hlavna Stanica) on public transportation. To get to Majestic Music Club from the Presidential Palace, take 203 to the Sancova stop. It is a 5 minute taxi ride from the historic center.

Address: Karpatska 2, Bratislava



GPS coordinates: 48.15674, 17.11365

MMC Bratislava

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