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GMB Mirbach Palace - Bratislava City Gallery

The Mirbach Palace of the GMB offers students presentations and tours of the gallery

This is where the artwork owned by the City of Bratislava is displayed - at the galleries in Mirbach Palace and Palffy Palace.

Bratislava is an old city and the city's art collection is too vast to be constantly on display. Therefore the City Gallery of Bratislava exists to collect study, restore, and care for the collections while encouraging access to the art work through exhibitions, educational events, and cultural activities.

Mirbach Palace is an example of well preserved Rococo architecture. It was a wooden building in the 16th century, that housed Lutheran worship services in 1666. It had many owner over the years, until in 1948 it began to house the City Gallery.

GPS coordinates: 48.1448, 17.10782

The GMB Bratislava - Gallery of the city BratislavaThe Mirbach Palace is scheduled for reconstruction soon

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