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Casey Club

Party in Casey Club

Party Club, thematic parties, students, hockey parties.

Casey's facebook page is dedicated to "all the students who enjoy their time in Bratislava spending many days in this pub, drinking beer, tequila, and vodka for 25 Sk (.€ 83)."

Casey's is located on the Old Town side of the Danube, near Bratislava's Botanical Gardens (Botanicka Zahrada) and can reached by taking trams 1, 4, 9, 11 from the Old Town. It is a 10 minute taxi ride west along the Danube.

Address: Botanická 35, Bratislava

Phone: +421 2 6541 3049



GPS coordinates: 48.14756, 17.06825

Logo of New CaseyInside the Casey Bar - RestaurantOutside the Casey Club

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