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Bratislava Restaurants

If you would like to sample some traditional Slovak fare or some of the Pressburg specialties, though they are not what most people eat anymore, try PreÜburg on Michalska. Another option is the Traja musketieri styled as "the taste of 1625" on Sladkovicova (not far from the Presidential Palace). The taste of traditional Pressburg, which draws on Austrian and Hungarian culinary traditions is offered in Leberfinger, which is across the Danube from the Old Town (a pleasant 10-minute walk across the bridge and most probably a taxi ride back as you may be too full to walk).

Another restaurant with traditional Old Bratislava fare is Modra Hviezda (The Blue Star). It is located on the narrow Beblaveho street, which is a road that leads to the castle and serves meals in the Slovak, Austrian and Hungarian traditions. The food is accompanied by a great selection of Slovak wines and a bit of historical input is written on the menu.

Staroslovenska krcma (the Old Slovak Pub) is in the pedestrian zone on Michalska and is another solid choice, both in the winter when you eat in their tastefully decorated cellar and in the summer at one of their two outdoor seating areas.

Restaurant/caffe Prasna Basta, Bratislava, Slovakia We would agree with the numerous travel guides that recommend you try Prasna basta as it has been around for a long time and is a staple of the Resteraunt scene in Bratislava.

To eat where the locals eat, visit Lahodky u Sherlocka on the corner of Mileticova and Prievozska. Another option is one of the slightly more upmarket, but still very reasonably priced restaurants, such as Steam & Coffee. Steam & Coffee is a local chain which can now be found at near the Polus City Center and at the Slovak Radio upside down pyramid building.

If you are interested in the more exotic restaurant offerings (Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Middle Eastern...), see our Ethnic Restaurants in Bratislava listings.

Comments from our visitors:

toubi wrote on 17.06.2012 at 15:33:41:
hi , is there any arabic resturants in bratislava? ADMIN: There is an Iraqi restaurant named Sindibad in Rozadol in trencianska Street and Samir Lebanese Restaurant in Vysoka.

Paul Heil wrote on 07.07.2011 at 11:16:48:
I am American and I have lived in Bratislava for 3 years now. For the best chicken wings in Slovakia go to the beer palace - . For the best steak go to Upside down steak house ($$pricey$$)- . For the best mixed drinks happy hour go to Malecon Cuban Bar & Restaurant. For the best quick sandwiches go to the Sandwich house in Eurovea. For the best goulash go to Flagship - For good pizza and reasonable priced good food downtown go to Gatto Matto - . For good traditional style and food go to the Slovak Pub - . For the best sky bar go to the Lemon Tree - . If you need more help feel free to email me.

Jana wrote on 30.04.2011 at 01:37:14:
So, recommendations. If you are looking for good value for your money, try Red cafe restaurant. they serve good food. If you are looking for excellent food and you are not interested in prices, try Flowers in the downtown: For something small to eat for breakfast or brunch, try MNAM :) meaning yummy or here

Brad wrote on 07.12.2010 at 13:34:05:
We are Americans and have been living in Bratislava for about a year. Someone told me there is a restaurant called "Burger Land" or "Burger World" here in Bratislava. They supposedly make their burgers fresh and are really tasty. Ever hear of this place, if so, what is the name and where are they located?

lala wrote on 29.01.2010 at 16:51:24:
Hey we are going to bratislava on the weekend on 17th and 18th of Feb. Any suggestions? Local food? Nice central cheap hotels??

Sonja wrote on 28.12.2009 at 12:42:05:
Hi again,
Just what I am intersted in eating at local restaurants which I do as often as it is possibly?

ADMIN: Try Verne at Hviezdoslavovo square, Slovak Pub at Obchodna street, newly opened Ayurveda restaurant at Nedbalova street or Krishna's Govinda eatery at Obchodna street.

Sonja wrote on 28.12.2009 at 10:29:39:

Oleksandr wrote on 14.12.2009 at 11:36:44:
I am with my family will be visiting Bratislava for New Year and are searching for a restaurant in the evening/
Thanks for your advice

Eric Allan wrote on 09.06.2009 at 14:27:18:
Found food to be pretty basic. Best tea/coffee found at Cafe Vienna at Nameskie Nam and best value for money food found at Robinsons on the main boulevard next to the old town

Gerhard wrote on 30.11.2008 at 17:30:32:
Hi !

We are going to Bratislava on 31.12.2008 and are searching for a restaurant in the evening (no gala dinner) which is open.

Thanks for your advice

Peter.S. wrote on 12.10.2008 at 16:12:41:
My wife and I will be visiting for New Year and would like some information on new year celebrations in Bratislava.

Nik Patel wrote on 06.03.2008 at 17:17:23:
We are going in a group of 14 for a stag to Brat in May 08 I was just wondering if there are any decent RNB clubs or good bars to chill out in. Also how much are the drinks out there is it really cheap? Thanks

Michelle wrote on 03.02.2008 at 19:57:48:
We are visiting next week and staying near Micheals Gate - can someone recommend a restaurant suitable for a 7 year old & his parents

M wrote on 23.12.2007 at 20:56:27:

Craig wrote on 03.12.2007 at 06:02:14:
First I am American. I am looking for very romantic restaurant in Bratislava. I would prefer something to eat as beef or chicken. Any ideas as to what would be good there? Thank you very much.

bo wrote on 04.09.2007 at 09:02:08:
the e-mail address of Traja Musketieri is:

Dave Staszak wrote on 22.08.2007 at 16:17:56:
I live in the US and have a son married and living in Bratislava. I want send him and his new wife a gift. I have there address. I was thinking of a gift certificate to the Traja musketieri. I am a Dumas fan and this sounds like fun. Do you think this will work? Can you get me an e-mail address to someone at this restraunt? I think it would be better than trying to do this over the phone. Thanks for the help.

Jelson boy wrote on 14.01.2007 at 19:43:49:

Ana wrote on 04.12.2006 at 14:57:30: still use SKK? Should I bother to bring any euros or is it better to bring SKK when coming to Bratislava? ADMIN: It is much easier to pay with the Slovak currency. Euros are accepted only by selected establishments.

Katie Herigstad wrote on 10.10.2006 at 19:42:43:
Great site, we are visiting in a week and will look for the great sites to see and tips you offered on dinning.

maria wrote on 12.02.2006 at 23:32:44: much money do u spend for food per day. shouldnt be nothing special asking for some youths who are planning to go there in summer. thanks!

rudy wrote on 30.12.2005 at 21:08:24:
Gabriella i m french and for us from eastern countries restaurants in bratislava are really cheap! strange question from english people no? what about slovak who wants to spend new year s eve in restaurant...

Gabriella wrote on 01.12.2005 at 16:08:55:
we are looking for not too expensive Slovak food serving restaurant, where group of 14 people from England (mixture of Slovak, and English guests )would like to spent Silvester. Maybe a recorded music to listen too? Thanks for your advice

steve wrote on 22.10.2005 at 01:05:55:
hi what kind of money do you use there is it euro

ADMIN: We use Slovak crowns (SKK).

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