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Bratislava Pubs

If you're looking for a more mixed and cosmopolitan crowd, try the downtown/city centre - any of the pubs pouring Slovak beers such as Zlaty Bazant are worth checking out. Alternatively you could go for a great Czech beer on tap - lagers such as Budvar or Pilsner Urquell, Kozel, Radegast, and Starobrno are a few favorites.

There are a number of newer stylish pubs in the centre - not the genuine things but with good beer, decent food and great ambience: Beer Palace in Gorkeho, Sladovna in Venturska. The Dubliner's Irish Pub on Sedlárska Street is popular with tourists and the ex-pat crowd and serves Irish, as well as Slovak beers, along with typical pub style food.

For an unusual presentation of Slovak traditions, visit 1st Slovak Pub on Obchodna street. This pub can accomodate 650 people and is composed of 14 separate rooms representing various periods in Slovakia's history.

Another good place on Obchodna is KGB (stands for Krcma Gurmanov Bratislavy which means Bratislava Bon Vivant Pub). It offers several kinds of beer and lot of great food. Lately, Bratislavsky Mestiansky Pivovar, a microbrewery, opened on Drevena street. It continues the tradition of a well-known brewery from 1752. They brew their own unique beer, Bratislavsky leziak. They also offer wide range of central European dishes.

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wrote on 26.10.2012 at 13:47:23:
Do any one now if the pub. The Celt Bar does exist any more in Bratislava????

rowey wrote on 26.10.2011 at 11:36:00:
Hi lads/ladies, about 8 of us going to brats in a few weeks for the weekend, where are the best bars to go as we dont have much times to waste, whats the price of beers/vodka redbull and more importantly what are the women like? thanks x

Karl wrote on 09.10.2011 at 11:21:11:
We found a small pub called Cierny Pes last week and for sure it was the best choice in Bratislava. Great beer, nice staff. No tourists yet. Very nice place indeed.

james curran wrote on 28.06.2011 at 22:46:53:
jasus lads the dublin bar isnt that bad is it?i was in there a good few times now and id a great night, seen nothin like that goin on round there, Thank fuck.But like we were only passn true on a pub crawl like bout 10 pints :) Shur why not there only a Euro..WOOHOO Twisted. But lads the women round the street, some of them theyd be up a round u given u a bit a Oi Oie,and youd be lovin it like cause your langers WOOHOO.Shed be in your pockets,the whole lot, and you wouldn even no cause ud be haven a great time.But Briliant place to go out all around The Dublin Bar is other bars and clubs that are Amazin i think anyway so Have a goodn James Ireland

Ray wrote on 09.12.2010 at 19:35:15:
Why go to a foreign land and visit an IRISH pub - you might as well stay at home. Dubliners is a crap pub out to get as much of our ENGLISH dosh as possible. STAY AWAY.

Duncan Oldham wrote on 20.10.2010 at 12:27:03:
Was in The Dubliner and The All Sports Cafe (they are opposite each other), last weekend. No problems with The Dubliner at all. Friendly staff. No trouble. Preferred the All Stars opposite though because they sold Magners. Both bars had Premier League football. Check out my review:

mike young wrote on 30.09.2010 at 21:02:33:
I visited the Dubliner Bar in Bratislava a couple of times in mid-Sept .
I found the food , beer and service good .
I can not understand the negative comments about this pub .Although I was told that the week before some English had been thrown out when they started taking off their trousers .

ricky harris wrote on 18.08.2010 at 18:29:14:
just came from bratislava, spent most of our time in the dubliner, was a good bar until our last nite, when the bar had started to quieten down the doorman for no reason we can think off, came at us with batons and chairs.resulting in a few of us with split heads cuts and brusies, there were fucking mad, think they just fancied a fight with sum english. other than that tho great weekend, subclubs worth a vist, you could bypass all the good places so do your home work.

James Andrews wrote on 06.08.2010 at 08:18:29:

Phil wrote on 16.06.2010 at 13:00:06:
Just got back from stag doo. There was no problem at all with The Dubliner and the Slovakians are the friendliest people I have ever met!

DaveM wrote on 05.06.2010 at 19:37:39:
Going to Brats in July for 3 nights, staying at hotel kyvel. What's it like? What pubs to go to and whats the beer prices and more importantly which is the best?. Is the dubliner still unsafe? Then going to kosice for 3 nights. What's the pubs like there?

colonel wrote on 15.01.2009 at 16:36:46:
OLD CITY HOTEL worst hotel I ever have been to. Workers where drilling in walls all day and night. No service

bernadett wrote on 12.12.2008 at 10:08:37:
im 1 slovak girl,,,i dont understand why all peple go only to bratislava,,
there si also another place,,so beautiful
im from near kosice,,
if somebady want can ask,there is my mail,,i would like to help,where is also beautiful mail

stephen wrote on 14.09.2008 at 13:58:28:
People please listen, DO NOT go anywhere near the Dubliner Bar, i was there last week and witnessed a large group of guys attack and mame Northern Ireland Supporters for totally no reason at all! These guys in my view were out to kill someone! The best bar is the Camel toe (ask for a barman called Marc) If you do not take this warning about the Dubliner you WILL get mauled and your holiday will be cut short...... Need i say anymore?? Locals do not even go to this local knee breakers!! I was lucky i got out when i seen the baseball bats come out but quite a few did not! On your head be it!

Gary wrote on 10.09.2008 at 03:25:59:
Dubliner bar in Bratislava. Northern Ireland supporters were beaten with batons, knuckle-dusters and baseball bats.
One fan, Matthew Ogle, said they did nothing to provoke the assault.
IFA president Raymond Kennedy said: "I am absolutely appalled that our fans, with the record (of good behaviour) that they have, cannot come away here and get into a pub and enjoy themselves.
These guys were just laying into them.
Check out the BBC or any news on the web to see for yourself about this so called irish pub.

Richard wrote on 09.09.2008 at 17:54:52:
Sorry forgot to state the problem was the Dubliner pub with the thugs. rest of the city was pleasant

Richard wrote on 09.09.2008 at 17:51:57:
Was there in September and witnessed thuggish doormen beat up innocent customers. Will not return my advice stay away from this dump

colin dundonald wrote on 08.09.2008 at 00:16:08:
just to let you know that the Dubliner pub has shaven headed thugs as doormen who have a habit of beating up drinkers who may get a bit boisterous - avoid it if you are in a group

Amit Agarwal wrote on 22.08.2008 at 16:21:54:
I am already in Bratislava now..Need someone to hang out with over the weekends...You can invite me if you wish to..sms me at 0904474080.

kishan wrote on 12.06.2008 at 00:16:31:
hi i`m from mauritius and i`ve been in slovakia 20 times from 2003 to 2008 why does everybody goes only to bratislava i always go to humenne its 500km from brats anyway i was also in brats precisely in barok circus and i`ve met that wonderful girl. That was good fun...

straff wrote on 27.02.2008 at 13:00:31:
going in may with my son hes coming of age so on the piss we go. how much is the beer and food cheers.

playboycutie79 wrote on 26.02.2008 at 00:51:06:
hi guys headin there 12th of march and headin back to eire on 16th but was thinkin of stayin there for paddys day does anyone know if there anythin on for that date 17th march cause is the same in ireland year in year out so any ideas please thanks xxx

Hitman Taran wrote on 22.02.2008 at 18:32:15:
going to braislava on 29th feb. just wanted to know how much does beer and food cost round about? thanks. Hitman Taran xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sandy wrote on 05.11.2007 at 20:23:25:
Going to stay in Brats for 3 nights, for the England game on 15th November.
Heard great things about the place but will the atmosphere be any different due to england playing in austria?

dane wrote on 27.09.2007 at 17:59:17:
Will be in Slovakia during the Rugby World Cup Final what sports bars can we see it at

bobby t wrote on 23.09.2007 at 01:18:23:
stayin at hotel kyvev sounds ropey but an experience any one got some info please ,thanks

Vaidas wrote on 11.07.2007 at 15:49:40:
I've been to Bratislava last week and I can frankly say it's a god damn paradise city.

cubix wrote on 11.07.2007 at 09:47:27:

Graeme Pinkerton wrote on 02.06.2007 at 21:38:27:
i am going on a 4 day stag in June and would like to know if anyone can tell me roughly how much it is going to cost me for grub and bevvy.

browny wrote on 13.05.2007 at 19:40:33:
46 of my mates are going to brats and staying in the danube do u think they will enjoy itwats there to look out for

Andrej wrote on 29.04.2007 at 11:31:24:

I'm looking for home page(www) or real name of pub somelike "Pub u zelenehu strumu", I was there 2005 and I can't remember which street is? Can you help me thanks. All the best from Slovenia
ADMIN: The pub is at Grosslingova and its www address is

Michael wrote on 12.12.2006 at 00:27:16:
As a regular on this site, I thought "Richard's" comment below was funny. It's like the old Doctor approach - you know the one, "I've got a mate with a growth....."
So, Dicky, if you want to have botty fun with Simon, don't keep talking about gang rape from gypsy's, just stroke his blonde hair!

Richard wrote on 11.12.2006 at 23:42:59:
Going to Brats on the 5th May 2007. One of the guys is worried about being gang raped by a Brat Gypsy.......... Should he be??????????

Gary C wrote on 06.11.2006 at 23:10:00:
just back from a weekend in Bratislava. Fantastic. Cant wait to go back. So friendly, clean, and lively with a real classy feel about the city centre. Circus Barok was excellent (thanks to Kristina), Dubliner V Good too. Went shooting which was superb, well organised. Stayed in Hotel Devin which was fantastic. Lots more to explore on my next visit!

Gregor wrote on 30.10.2006 at 18:58:56:
Forgot to make some recomendations!
BEER - Zlaty Bazant,Staropramen
SPORTS BAR - Football & Slovak food

Gregor wrote on 30.10.2006 at 18:43:17:
Just come back from 3 days in Brats, it's f**king brilliant. great beer (zlaty bazant) and really friendly people - best to learn a bit of the lingo first as the locals love that and will help you to learn more if you ask. All in all the best place i have ever been too. I need another holiday to recover! Nazdravie! (cheers)

katia wrote on 11.10.2006 at 20:17:58:
...&#232; fantastico,puoi bere tutta la birra che vuoi...deliziosa e costa pochissimo

dean wrote on 03.07.2006 at 01:56:22:
We went to the Dubliners to watch the England Portugal Match, Great atmosphere , great food and beer and really great staff, Look out for a barmaid called Adriana (or something close) a really helpful girl , looked after us all night , very chatty and a lovely smile :-)

Glen wrote on 29.05.2006 at 13:55:39:
Hey Oliver .. what's wrong with that? OK.. maybe not the potato skin. Myself and five mates are heading there at the end of June and will be there to watch the Socceroos in the round of 16 :) .. circus barok looks awesome!

crock wrote on 23.05.2006 at 16:07:30:
Found the Dubliner unpleasant.
Girl who ran the bar had a face of a East German policeman eating a wasp.
Anything goes, throw up on the floor allowed-Sing (irish pub!??)and she calls the local KGB

Dan wrote on 02.05.2006 at 21:19:09:
Just back from Brats on a 4 day stag and it was class - loadsa top places to eat drink and certainly be merry. Harleys on a saturday, dubliner for footy, the boat was crazy and everyone (well the women) were so friendly....

Andy Cairney wrote on 23.04.2006 at 00:10:31:
On a stag do in June, any decent places to watch the football. theres 25 of us

Oliver Kendrick wrote on 12.02.2006 at 12:27:54:
Is there anything else to do in Brats other than shag prozzies and drink potato skin extract? I'm going to die arn't i?

Chris Flook wrote on 12.02.2006 at 12:13:04:
Going to Brats tomorrow, I heard it was shit surely that can't be true. Does anybody know differently?

Tim Arnold wrote on 04.02.2006 at 04:03:22:
going to braislava in march staying in stare mesto wanted to know more about the area and the things to do around stare mesto

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