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See great photos of Bratislava

A short 2007 photo journey, a three girls' trip
Flickr from Bratislava

Bratislava Castle Visit this sizable private gallery, see here for an extensive set of photos around the city. A private collection of vibrant photos (including panorama shots) can be seen here and another one here. Bratislava photos features a flow of pictures of various Bratislava places and sights.

Main Square - Bratislava Old Town Another great collection, which includes both contemporary photos and scans of historical photographs and drawings of Bratislava can be found here.

Click here for some daytime and night photos as seen by a visitor to Bratislava.

A smaller set of images can be found here.

Slovak National Theatre And another nice (albeit gloomy-looking) set is located here.

Michael's Gate in Bratislava

Here you can get an actual view of Bratislava by several webcameras in the city.

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