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Bratislava Guide - Nightlife and Clubbing

Gay Bratislava Nightlife

The New York Times named Bratislava among its Five Great Gay Destinations on September 25, 2005: "The scene may be small, but the boys in the Slovakian capital look like extras from a Bel Ami movie and are incredibly friendly." They recommended Apollon (see below) as the best club....

Bratislava Clubs

Let us be frank: Bratislava is no mecca of hardcore clubbing. But there are decent venues with some decent nights and if you get to spend a few days you should find a good party of any genre....

Walking around Bratislava at night

Bratislava is generally a safe city to walk in at any time of day. That being said it is still a major city and staying in well lit, populated areas and trusting your instincts will help you to avoid any uncomfortable situation....

Gambling in Bratislava Casinos

Bratislava's three large casinos offer professional gambling and world class play in roulette, blackjack, and poker. The oldest and most central is the Casino Cafe Reduta located in a historical building in the heart of the Old Town....

WARNING - Prostitution in Bratislava

Prostitution itself is at present not illegal in Slovakia but any form of pimping or organized solicitation is punishable by law. That is the official stance but like most other major capitals you will find a steady supply of both street prostitutes, erotic massage salons, up-market escort services and strip bars fronting for brothels in Bratislava....

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