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Bratislava has no plans to take makers of movie Hostel to court

Bratislava, January 31, 2006 ( - Although the City of Bratislava found the terrifying depiction of the city in the blockbuster Hollywood movie Hostel absurd it had no plans to fight the filmmakers in court, a city spokesman told

"Naturally, the manner in which Slovakia and Bratislava is depicted in the film is offensive and absurd to any judicious person," head of City Communications Department Milan Vajda told

But he said the city saw fighting the filmmakers in courts for the unfair depiction harmful to the city's image as costly and ineffective. "A really effective response - although at least a medium-term one - is the systematic and strategic presentation of Slovakia abroad, destination marketing, branding and image building," he added.

In the film Hostel a secretive organisation Elite Hunting sells torture-chamber time with youths kidnapped from a hostel in Bratislava to rich foreigners. Roth has said in interviews the story was inspired by a website that offered visitors to shoot a person in Thailand in the head for a sum of money.

Comments from our visitors:

Jav wrote on 30.09.2013 at 12:04:37:
Am surprised with all this stuff. I have been to Brstislava and travelled through to Prague etc and Budapest and many places by train. Been to Bratislava 10 times stayed there many times spent my birthday there many times and its a fab place andits nowhere near like the fol portrays. Am not a Yankee and they dont rule the world any longer. Slovakia is a beautiful place

roger wrote on 16.07.2013 at 11:22:44:
america is a motherfuckin country, asshole americans, fuckin drug addicts doesent care for other people or other countries. laden has done the right thing like killing em like dogs.

American_living_in_SK wrote on 03.07.2013 at 09:25:09:

Bird0werid0 wrote on 06.08.2012 at 18:45:11:
Isn't Slovakia in Central Europe? Why would someone judge a country based on a bad movie? I found most of your comments hilarious, and believe me, I would not go into an abandoned warehouse at night even if I were in the safest city on earth; not because I'm affraid of "Elite Hunting" it's called common sense.

Jamie Ackroyd wrote on 25.09.2011 at 23:18:37:
The only thing running through my head while watching Hostel & Hostel II, was the question - do things like that actually happen? Obviously not just in Europe, but anywhere in the world. I believe that places like that do exist, why wouldn't they? Its not far fetched or futuristic, this could be happening all over the world and no-one except the people involved would know about it. I saw a comment on here saying that a slovakian guide said "keep out of abandoned warehouses"? Did they tell you why? Is it because you'll find what your hoping to find or are they just dangerous to be in due to the building falling down. Elite Hunting is something everyone should question, because I believe it exists, not under that name but there must be actual organizations all over the world that does this!

Maya Belaniova wrote on 02.04.2011 at 02:58:19:
Dear "americangirl"
It makes me wonder how proud you are to be American when in fact whole of America's population is in fact made of imigrants. You can sai yeah I was born in America thats made me American but that is not enough. Look to your country's history and you will see that native Americans had been pushed to dying point by English imigrants. So if you are white and English speaking then you are nothing more than any other imigrant from anywhere in the world. You are ancestor of British imigrants. In fact other imigrants might be even better off than you because they stil know where they belong to.

Maya Belaniova wrote on 02.04.2011 at 01:58:36:
Firstly I am very amused by ignorance in some of the above comments. As a native Slovakian I can tell that the Hostel movie is insult to whole Slovakia not only to Bratislava. It shows dirty streets,unfriendly ppl,run down buildings... It just shows how little you Americans realy know about the world. First fact is that Slovakia might of look like that sometime in 1940's. Second fact is that Slovakia is not in Eastern Europe but in Central Europe. Thirt fact is that Hostel Movie was not made in Slovakia at all. My advice for you my American friends is to get some better education. You surely need it!

Joe Espinosa wrote on 23.01.2011 at 06:45:04:
@americangirl: do you know how incredibly stupid you sound? im guessing you probably live in a trailer propped up on cinder blocks in some remote, trash, location in mobile, alabama smoking a cigarette while nursing baby number 5 out of 6. please do not speak for all of us and do not dare use "american", not even to refer to yourself. i am sincerely ashamed that you were the first to comment on here. immigrants are the essence of america. please do us all a favor and go back to drowning yourself in malt liquor and cheap booze. good day!

american girl wrote on 26.07.2010 at 22:17:35:
i am american and frankly nobody in american really cares about these 2 bit impoverished countries. WE go there just for the sake of saying we did . we have the money to blow so why not contirbute to a country that needs it! in the case of the movie i found it hillarious! it was funny and gory and served its purpose. YOU foreigners that speak so angirly of american are the main ones immigrating to OUR great country ,and when you get here you are totally ignorant! mot dont even bother learning the english language! so it goes both ways! get a damn grip

Ricky Holland wrote on 20.05.2010 at 12:30:53:
You all just ask yourself , does this exist?

Ofcource it does:) Hitler wasnt the only sick guy out here... Killing people for fun, there are enough Elite Hunting companies..

Namal Perera wrote on 02.01.2010 at 10:50:12:

TZB wrote on 25.12.2009 at 20:26:57:
If, God forbid, it actually happens there's little that we can do about it besides making sure that we do not visit lonely places and we do not trust strangers. The social class depicted in the movie is influential beyond we can conceive, ultra rich, and heartless, above all. How so dearly I wish, hope, and pray, such is not the reality.

Lucius wrote on 12.12.2009 at 03:13:10:
You are all looking in the wrong way...chasing for the wrong name ;-}and the wrong country, open your eyes a bit more and you will see the game ;-}

Mikail wrote on 21.02.2009 at 05:47:00:
I am very happy that they are not taking the production company to court.

I can only apologize for this matter. Maybe "us" writers should be more careful in the future about using REAL towns and places.

This is why when I write I will take an actual town and change the name a little, and throw it in a totally different state of place.

I think Slovakia is a great country. To the Slovak people reading: May GOD grant your country peace, happiness, and freedom forever!!!

We writers do stupid things at times, but I can speak for myself and say it's all in good fun to scare people. Horror is a great genre, and I hope to see it live on forever.

Auf Wiedersehen

Joe Madock wrote on 15.01.2009 at 20:16:05:
I know people from Bratislava, and they assure me that places like Elite Hunting's factory do in fact exist in Slovakia, although not in Bratislava. ADMIN: Yes, contact us for a full list any time.

Michel wrote on 29.10.2008 at 03:42:05:
You guys what is that company on really about is't a made up website cuz of the movie or what do they really do? cant really get the hang of it when i visitied the site?
Any one have a link to some of the artikels of the real thing that happend in thailand?
This is truly interesting subject....

paul wrote on 05.08.2008 at 04:39:46:
Of course there isnt a torture house going on in bratislava like in the film hostel, if there were it would have been found out by now. Bratislava is nice but i edmit it has its dodgy parts like every capital city, when i travelled there something in my slovakia guide creeped me out abit it said the usual "be nice, dont be arrogant or abusive etc..." but then it said "avoid abandoned warehouses at night" which had me thinking when i was over there holy shit i nearly panicked, i was looking over my shoulder all the time whilst i was there, but i got home safe and sound and can honestly say its a nice city but just be warey in any foreign country your in not just slovakia ( i mean im from and live in england foreigners would definately have to watch there back here) so message is every country is dangerous get over it, dont live your life in fear just be warey

said wrote on 24.06.2008 at 14:23:01:
i think the film was nice but really it has created a lots of fear in the minds of people about the innocent and beautiful people of slovakia one has a fear to enter in the hotels of the city

Sotty wrote on 15.06.2008 at 19:49:25:
This is what i found! Read it, it kinda sounds strange and creepy, almost hinting on something else. Doesn't it?

mongolian wrote on 31.05.2008 at 10:43:38:
I saw movie both 1 and 2 parts..
And I really terrified and decided not to go slovakia never...

but i really want to know does it really existed in slovakia???
Why film makers had chosen exactly slovakia? why?

where the film took places? in slovakia?or in America?

why do people make such disgusting things?

but the movie was very closer to reality...
I thought in my mind that it might happen in slovakia..

so please tell me that it is not real!!!!

by the way why Quentin tarantino makes such fucking films??
I really don't like it...

I wanna see Slovakia in other side..(not like in the movie)

Jonnathan in Brazil wrote on 09.03.2008 at 19:49:51:
I think the film is very good, but I was amazed means, the film brings a version very bad for Bratislava, I thought to what the film shows is real, but I think not, but still I am afraid!!!

dumass chat duplicatee wrote on 22.01.2008 at 18:21:28:
I saw the movie, and was more bothered by american ignorance than of eastern european mob linked organizations with the intent of kiling americans. Intent to kill one is less painful than one leading themselves to slaughter by their own stupidity. The most PAINFUL part of the movie was really a scene that doesn't bother your typical person (shows you how emotionally devoid people are). The scene of the train station in which Kana sees her reflection and gave up on her life due to the gruesome nature of her appearance. That man was about to escape that facility, came back to save you, killed these people on the way out, all to make sure you got home safe, and now you throw all that hard work away because you can't stand your face? If I was that man I would have stood in her way, only to say "I love you, and you are still beautiful," but maybe that's my sad ass lonely interpretation of what "I think" is the worst part of the movie.

kaku wrote on 20.01.2008 at 21:30:00:
i enjoyed both the movies althoug it was pretty gross alot of blood however it was good and realistic; however i think it they made the americans very stupid. i think elite hunting does exist in every state and country.

cereal2k wrote on 17.12.2007 at 23:45:00:
oh my gosh... i cant believe really. all the terrifying things u can imagine that might happen to u comes to reality, where u can see it and even feel it
most terrifying movie ever.

CTX wrote on 03.11.2007 at 04:10:37:
ive done some elite people should try it...

jennifer wrote on 18.10.2007 at 10:46:59:
with so many people missing in the world, it would be hard to believe that stuff that is shown in Touristas, Hostel, Wolf Creek and other movies really doesn't happen in real life! there probably are clubs like hostel, organs get sold, people get sold on the black market for prostitution and slavery and then you have the sickos that just like to kidnap and kill people! Now if someone shows up calling himself "jigsaw", i'm really going to get scared! :)

sunny wrote on 11.10.2007 at 19:45:45:

lisa wrote on 11.10.2007 at 19:42:09:
there are many many sick kind of things gong on in other countrys and even here in U.S. like in the movie HOSTEL right under our noses so for one not to believe IS IGNORANT!this movie is a real eye opener before you think of going to another country or so.

Chris F wrote on 01.10.2007 at 09:32:55:
The movie was good and if you losers are so dumb to actually think bratislava is actually like that im sure the residents wont mind you not coming to their country and if u live in the USA and think that please leave we have a bad enough name without losers like u

StunGun wrote on 05.09.2007 at 19:47:58:
The movie was pretty good. The moral? Some women will do anything for a buck and some guys will do anything for some 'sneepur'. Money talks the world over folks, and it can get you just about anything. As for me...there are some places in this world that I would never set foot in, not even to throw up in.

la mole mexican wrote on 19.08.2007 at 03:18:44:
the good of this, the mexican are so cheap jajaja thanks good no body wants to pay for us

elvisbunford wrote on 16.08.2007 at 21:51:18:
Finally, someone with the courage to expose this Slavic penchant for cruelty and perversion! Kudos to Mrs. Roth, and Tarrantino for having the courage to make this gripping expose of the horrific goings-on in the former Eastern Bloc countries. The Russians understood what would happen if these people weren't governed with an iron fist, and now, thanks to these stalwart film-makers, the rest of us know, as well. As the saying goes, "Beware Slavs, baring breasts"!

sheri wrote on 16.08.2007 at 05:49:21:
I think groups like that are real but the film was to show American ignorance to what's going on around them. The only thing I worry about with movies like this and SAW, is that some stupid person will get ideas

* wrote on 14.08.2007 at 00:04:11:
all i can say as a slovakian-american is that its a movie and its not real. thats just how films are. most movies that are set in a certain place are not what that place actually is like. its the hollywood view. its not real so people shouldnt get so deffensive.

Aaron wrote on 26.07.2007 at 03:00:44:
Me nd friends are planning a trip to europe and plan on visiting Bratislava, why?, cause we can.

Naubi wrote on 07.07.2007 at 12:46:16:
Hello I am nabeel from karachi Pakistan and when i saw this movie hostel i really enjoyed it but one thing is bad and that is too much nudity.But the "end" of the movie was good.Bratislava is A good city i like there soccer team ARTMEDIA BRATISLAVA.

Pavarotti wrote on 04.07.2007 at 18:03:45:
Hostel is just a bad commercial movie for the common american audience, scared about everything is far from that country, and ignorant as donkeys.
Hostel will have some good effect on Slovakia accomodation services: no more drunk american puking around.

Mistrzu wrote on 24.06.2007 at 12:41:26:
Eastern europe - beauty and safe area, i know what am i talking cause i'm from poland (probably most of idiots from US didn't know anything about Poland,Slovakia,Czech Republic - do you even know where those countries are?)

<>< wrote on 18.06.2007 at 15:03:21:
You guys have to be kidding me. It wasn't even filmed in Slovakia, do some research.

Jose from USA wrote on 11.06.2007 at 05:07:37:
I just saw the film and while I know that its just a Holywood film, Roth & Terrentino did an awesome job of making this seem believable. I can definitely see this happening to a few horny American college backpackers. As for me, the film didn't phase me, I'd still visit Slovakia, even if the local children are bad-asses.

tony traveller wrote on 07.06.2007 at 22:58:39:
i've been to bratislava and it's a really beautiful place. Not a thing like the movie. I'll go back again and again. Forget this crap about elite. It's a film people!!!!!

Donny Saxon wrote on 03.06.2007 at 15:35:56:
Hell, there are psychos all over the world. The film maker did acctuelly base the movie on events he had heard about going on in Thailand, where very poor families would sell family members to criminal organisations and American and Europeans would pay $10.000 to shoot the in the head. There are probably organisations like this in the poor countries, recruiting customers all over the world. As for visiting Bratislava, I don't think i would visit Bratislava anyway, never really been a fan of those countries in eastern Europe.

mary wrote on 03.06.2007 at 05:56:05:
I am curious myself.......I have heard about the movie, so, let me see it and than I'll tell you if it's true......I worked in Bratislava 5 months in 1992....I am native Slovak.........and yes Hollywood does make some "hollyshit" movies regardless the "reality".......did we really landed on the Moon or it was just another Hollywood production??????????????????

ka12 wrote on 03.06.2007 at 00:13:59:
Its a film. i bet you guys dont sleep because of Freddy. i would love to go to Bratislava

Rab wrote on 22.05.2007 at 15:16:54:
I'm not normally one to be decieved by cinematics and imagery but after watching Hostel I was just so convinced that it was close to being true that I decided not to go on my planned inter-railing trip around eastern europe this summer. I feel like a complete idiot for letting this mediocre wannabe-grindhouse blood indulgence flick get into my head but I just can't stomach the idea of eastern europe anymore.

narke wrote on 15.05.2007 at 00:56:50:
Hey guys, in africa and other contries they are selling organs.. you are kidnapped, opend up and your organs are selled for about 1000$. So why shouldnt there be an organisation like the elite hunting? hell, i believe there is some shit like that going on in the world. not only in bratislava.

wrote on 09.04.2007 at 04:51:30:
does elite hunting really exist

Graham Ball wrote on 18.01.2007 at 22:20:01:
Hostel was a quality film! Elite hunting was sick though, an t think this goes on in real life!
By the way how was bratislava callan and jamie....if ur stil alive that is!!

wolf wrote on 12.12.2006 at 03:35:53:
I'm from Australia and i can assure you that we do have a high rate of missing backpackers. As a gay msn i'm especially at risk

mark wrote on 14.11.2006 at 08:07:48:
How true is the film? - are there really people like that in Bratislava?

layla wrote on 22.10.2006 at 14:27:37:
wow, just watched hostel! someone told me that people really do pay to do those things. want to go there to see if its true! x

Jazz wrote on 17.10.2006 at 09:40:40:
Well,As i saw the movie i didnt get scared but i was surprised that if really someone could make this kind of cruelity in future not only in slovakia but also in other countries.the concept of this movie is surely taken from some existing true story beleive me.

eddy wrote on 13.10.2006 at 16:17:11:
i scared to go slovakia(bratislava) after wacthing hostel..its make me phobia...its really happend??!!!

Xtreme D from holland wrote on 26.09.2006 at 14:36:56:
I say the movie Hostel also and i'm curious to the next chapter...about the Elite Hunting in Bratislava...maybe the movie has giving them some idea's:P no way i'm going out there:P grtzz X

Fanis wrote on 21.09.2006 at 22:59:13:
I will visit Bratislava for sure. Nice place. Mostly i liked the little boys. I also enjoyed elite hunting

ophelia wrote on 02.08.2006 at 19:21:56:
As Texas Chainsaw shows Texas an abondoned and bad place with maniac killers and Wolf Creef shows Australia like that also why people from Texas and Australia didnt show that reaction like people from Bratislava. H&#305;mmm, think about that. I dont know but thats for sure I am not going there!

stella wrote on 23.06.2006 at 01:32:58:
i knocked one out over hostel.

Kollek wrote on 30.04.2006 at 03:41:26:
I wont go to Bratislava whatever will happend...
Who knows if there are real "Elite huntings"

Supermedizinmann wrote on 28.04.2006 at 18:37:57:

ruhel wrote on 28.04.2006 at 01:18:46:
thats a sad joke, but the movie was good
makes u think are the girls really like that ;)

Briony wrote on 18.04.2006 at 14:29:12:
I am from Australia too, and in the movie WOLF CREEK, Australia looks like a bad place. You just have to show everyone the good things!

Callan in Australia wrote on 18.04.2006 at 14:24:20:
I enjoyed the movie, although was it even filmed in Bratislava? We are travelling in May 2006 and we are only stopping to see what Bratislava is really like!

Jamie Nelson wrote on 16.04.2006 at 21:29:18:
Well, I saw the Movie Hostel and I thought Bratislava looked quite nice! As a result I've booked a flight there, the movie made me come! No 'Elite Hunting' for me though.... --J.

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