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Free Public Wireless Internet Hotspots and Internet Kiosks

Internet kiosk City of Bratislava has launched pilot project of providing internet access in the city centre. There are three PC terminals connected to the broadband internet available at the moment. First one is located near the gate of Primatial Palace at Primatial square opposite to Bratislava Town Hall. The other two public internet kiosks are located in the entry hall of City Hall and in the Bratislava Culture and Information Centre building. All kiosks are equipped with the standard keyboard and trackball and are available to public free of charge.

The Wi-Fi internet hotspots are also avilable for those using their own notebooks equipped with a wireless internet access card. Primatial Square, Main Square and Frantiskanske Square are covered by the wireless internet and so is the Front Office of City of Bratislava. Another wi-fi spot is available near Ludovita Stura Square on the promenade facing Danube river. Wi-Fi connection to the internet is again provided free of charge.

You can find the list of all hot-spots here.

Comments from our visitors:

Pepe wrote on 29.05.2010 at 21:33:48:
The internet access at hlavne nameste still works and is fast enough for even some streaming movie. It would be good to have an overview over actual internet cafes or other free wifi spots here.

Iveta H wrote on 24.09.2007 at 11:03:39:
Hi...I know u might find it a stupid question...but is there ANY way to have interneyt at the Vlcie Hrdlo dormitory?(or near to it)

sona wrote on 17.10.2006 at 13:11:31:
hallo could you help me?I would like to ask if you know about support Petrzalka (Haje) with Wifi.thanx a lot!

Palo wrote on 19.06.2006 at 11:06:32:
For those looking for these locations at the map, here are the real names on those places: Primatial Square = Primacialne namestie; Main square = Hlavne namestie; Frantiskanske square = Frantiskanske namestie.

Alexandra wrote on 22.11.2005 at 19:05:50:
Hi, is there a hifi hotspot outside Bratislava, such as pezinok? Any other places?

MArek wrote on 02.11.2005 at 21:45:57:
Dobry den, chcem sa spytat ci je volny pristup na internet cez wireless pri radnici a ci sa dostat ku pristupovim kodom...

mark gibson wrote on 29.10.2005 at 11:24:44:
hi love the city centre wifi idea .is there any hotspots near the stadium as i am photographing the Rangers game for scottish newspapers thanks

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